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Anthropomorphism for Beginners by TwilightPoetess is an absolutely charming way to approach an endearing subject.
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Puddled Gasoline by TwilightPoetess
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Harvest Moon by TwilightPoetess
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Fragile--FFM Day 7 by TwilightPoetess
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Fragile Magpie Moons by TwilightPoetess
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Undiscovered Gems (49)

Fri Oct 17, 2014, 12:06 PM

With the launch of the "Undiscovered" browsing option, there are a TON of awesome artworks I've been finding and admiring, and I just have to share them with you guys.

I WILL be taking suggestions for this series, as well, so if you discover something while browsing the bowels of dA that you think needs to be shared, please send me ( TwilightPoetess ) a note titled Undiscovered Gems.


Undiscovered Gems (49)
today's theme: bits and bobbles

Dark Forest by DosexART  My HeartShe never liked looking at her heart. It was a small, unshaped crystal with edges, where pieces had broken off ages ago. Time had made them blunt. There was no glow, no rainbow colours, only dull red, looking sallow on the outsides.
She hid it well, the ugly little thing. Sometimes good enough that she herself could forget how it looked. She imagined it bright and beaming then, smooth and even. Then, she did not think of the holes and edges and told others about the inside light.
Only when she met him, she held her heart openly on her hand. She carefully took his and put his fingertips on the blunt edges. He gently ran his fingers over it and she knew immediately that it was owned by him. Though, he did not know that he held her heart, when he picked it up and pressed his lips against it in a short and loving kiss. She closed her eyes and was not ashamed of the ugly holes and edges. She shivered with joy that he could love this tiny, unshaped thing.
When he put it back into her hands,
 Some Fall Color by Ragnar949

Mourning is SolitaryMy grief is not yours to share
Yours to preempt
Because you felt you had more right to him than I
In the end
We each lay claim to one heart
One sorrow
And if comfort is communal
Mourning is solitary.
 Mistress of Shadow by jhoneil  Waning GibbousMisty-mouthed,
staring at a pearl on velvet,
softly cradled over
the burnt-sienna maples,
the moon lies tilted sideways
unaware of the girl
the dog
contemplating craters and whether or not
they look like a woman's face
or a child idly dancing
on ground that remembers all footprints.

OOAK Candy Pin Up Pug by Sara Rojo (ON EBAY) by FantasyLilyan  boys dont cryand the way
that your hand
holds onto mine
feels like the noose around my neck,
i'm trying to hang myself
off your
no - 
i'm not dead yet.
but your thoughts
are bullets
and your words are guns
and when they shoot me in the head
you cure it with a band aid
because you don't have
a medical degree yet.
your kisses have left me
black and blue
while i still use
the mug you gave me
as an ash tray.
and i'm holding on
to the lip stick stains
on the dresser
wearing them around my neck
to hide how you took
my breath away.
 Moon by PaulienArt

existentialism of the augustan writerin all your poetic endeavors
have you ever considered
what your mentions, your metaphors
of icarus mean
to someone that's never read
a lick of greek mythology
 Soul Collector by artztood  ivyou thought you were a fortress
but he is a thief so bold
he doesn't even wait
for the night-time
to slip past your barricades
to take what you thought
could not be taken
they said you were an oasis
a savior in the desert sun
but he is drought
and he is famine
and you can do nothing
but run dry
cracked and empty
with such an enemy
at your back
you thought you'd
believe forever
but he is a murderer so silent
you neither feel nor hear him
as he pierces your lungs
infiltrates your senses
and turns all your hopes
to emptiness

white flower v.2 by bwaworga Title by eulalievarenne Sphere of Influence by pagit
Crema Canvas by Takumy  013. Running Away -- Without a DoorI stare through dogwood blossoms 
at the streetlight,
use a mayonnaise jar to pee
when I have to.
My father stops in,
says I can come down
for dinner.  After the meal,
I bolt.  
No bag, no belongings.
Hustle down the driveway,
hustle down the sidewalk,
hustle down the road.
Now and then, I check
behind me.  I have done this
before, and always
they've come after me.
This time, I get
where I'm going.
I ring my best friend's doorbell.
She is going out
with the boyfriend I am in secret
love with, and she does not change
her plans.  I sit in a taupe living
room with her dad and stepmom
eating second dinner, chicken and asparagus.
We watch a movie that scares me
a little.  My friend never does
come home before my mother
knocks.  My friend's dad just lets her
take me.
We ride home, through the same
streets I've been hurried over
since I was tiny.  They seem to mock me
now, saying I will never get away
for good.
I follow my mother
through the g
 Old forest of Ibis by Stardust-Thief

Owl-Mask by katethegreat19 Inktober 12 by PaulinaAPC Universe by CerahArt 

Patchwork WingsI am patchworking
your gossamer wings
back to blood and glass,
while you scrape palms
to lungs that choke
against a bone cage.
The world keeps breathing
without you, and you
shut your eyes tightly
because it makes you dizzy.
Dizzy is how your legs
trip down the asphalt;
dizzy is how your eyes
drown to sleep; dizzy
is how your chest
spirals misery
through your limbs. I am
patchworking your gossamer wings
back to blood and glass,
but silk always tears.
 derp by Flowers-and-Deers  Iceburgsit is the warm bodies that see the finest praise,
but you were an empty, long-stalked forest
devoid of depth, and furnished
with trees gnawed to their bare bones.
and these are things we were told to write home about:
some soft, far-off pinkness
a lonesome, scrubbed-clean face.
these are the things
that i will
when i meet you, i am floating aimless on my iceburg;
i am a sheet riddled with bullets and,
speaking as an inventory,
described: one body, frozen solid,
a tent and matches.

not quite shelter, but
planned ice 'o nation:
a forgotten population
of one.
and i think i would like to live on some foreign coast,
to scope some fine-grained beach and hum murmuring caprices
where there is always sun,
always some faint petrichor
always carrying on the breeze, the smell
of the sugar-rusted rinds of pears.
you can imagine my surprise
when i,
on your rocky outcrop of a shore;
all pale, smooth stones and apologetic smiles,
stood utterly enchanted.
as if to say you knew you weren't

water fairy by baravavrova  Find Me          
            Find me
            Between the
 ... by absentii


I hope you found something here to fall in love with and admire!  Please show your support by +faving or commenting on these beautiful pieces--and don't forget, I'm taking suggestions for pieces to feature in the future!

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Individual staff/volunteers may show different levels of activity which may lead to certain genres or types of artwork to be chosen more often than others. If you believe that a certain type of artwork is being overlooked or under-represented please feel free to offer suggestions by noting $Moonbeam13. NOTE: Anyone can suggest a daily deviation and self-suggesting is not only allowed, but encouraged.


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