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Anthropomorphism for Beginners by TwilightPoetess is an absolutely charming way to approach an endearing subject.
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Puddled Gasoline by TwilightPoetess
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Harvest Moon by TwilightPoetess
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Fragile--FFM Day 7 by TwilightPoetess
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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 13, 2014, 3:01 PM

I stole this from camelopardalisinblue, who stole it from......other lovely people. :grump:

This one's a great way to find some amazing artwork of many kinds to admire, while giving random favorites some exposure!

I've done this a little differently to most, because almost all of my answers were literature except I think 1, so I changed it up by counting only the literature pieces and then only the visual art pieces for each page and featuring both.  Because of how my gallery is set up, you know, with folders and all, I ALSO went to the "All" option and am browsing that way instead of picking specific folders.

Go to your favorites and share...

The first deviation on page 1 of your favorites:

      The Art of Poetry KillingWhen I find an old poem
Packaged beneath an allegory
Or taped beside a piece of prose,
Warm and balmy and still swollen
Ripe with the undisturbed
Still within their plastic wrapper,
I untangle it's cellophane bindings
To find it's too old
And too stale for the proper use of a poem
So I pluck out its
Like some guts of a creature
And then sew them
Onto other dust poems
Like the mismatched socks
Of a child
Just like murder is an art,
I still walk away with ink on my hands.
 LUNA by illusionality

The second deviation on page 2 of your favorites:

the exchange of flowers-color by begemott  i.o.u.i.
there's gonna be another fall tonight,
said the angel, but don't worry-
there's more to falling than just hitting the ground
and it'll be a long way down.
('i'm sort of looking forward to it.')
it's hard to be anything more
than what my imprints say i am.
i almost wish i had a broken heart line,
a curving life line, maybe;
can i carve a new path into my line of fate,
diverge the creases of a softly worn weakness?
or is that against the rules?
isn't it just so hard to be

The third deviation on page 3 of your favorites:

Harry Potter Years by palnk Bruh What by ColoursAllAround

The fourth deviation on page 4 of your favorites:

A woman is missing.A woman is missing.
My sweater is knit too loose and the wind blows through.
The leaves are done changing and are waiting to fall.
I think of them collaged against my morning-damp windshield;
they will mostly be red. My wipers will push them off;
I will forget about them. But inbetween these thoughts
my brain hums. A woman is missing and I cannot forget.
Two weeks ago the leaves were mostly green and yellow.
Two weeks ago a woman went missing.
I didn't know her but she went missing and today
I am standing at a wall covered with candles and
I am rolling her name over my tongue and I am thinking.
I am thinking and praying, but I am not hoping.  
A woman went missing; a woman is missing.
I keep going to work, getting up each day.
I brush my teeth, comb my hair, pack my lunch, drive my car.  
And mostly I do not think about her. But sometimes I do.
Sometimes the hairs on my neck stand up and the two blocks
between the library and the coffee shop are impossibly long.
  The Lepidopterist's CollectionWe are beautiful, he said.
Our razor-fine wings cut through
his mind;
carving our existence into him;
leaving our legacy
although creatures of such beauty never truly die anyway...
he must keep us forever.
Tiny antennae search our surroundings
that are sheltered: shielded
from the world that kills itself.
One day, he will see that he's murdering
the only creatures he can love;
when evolution recognises that
freedom is merely a stroke of luck.
We are beautiful, dead.

The fifth deviation on page 5 of your favorites:

Peacock Queen by vampireleniore  HappinessI am seeding wildflowers
into your crevices,
weaving etching to dust,
fiction to fact.
You tread vines,
prevent possibility,
refuse to strangle your fears
in fern thickets. I am never certain
if you will crawl off the edge
today, or if you will simply
taunt the fields below with
razor-tipped tears. And so I
tangle your smiles into
yellow garlands, capturing
happiness to torture you
in a ring around your temples.

The sixth deviation on page 6 and the eighth deviation on page 8 of your favorites:

Of Chocolate Frogs and Pepper ImpsAges ago, life
was breathed into stone; he seeks
the timeless reward.
In darkened halls an
evil lurks; sweet child, dare not
look it in the eye.
And even on the
brightest eves take heed, beware
the night’s palest face.
In the wake of death
there is rebirth, though hardly
in equal measure.
The future foretold
is valuable but must be
bought through sacrifice.
We know there is strength
in numbers, the enemy
is informed as well.
Peace has high costs, paid
gladly for the greater good;
friendship conquers all.
 Wooden Leather Book (Available on Etsy) by Nymla

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