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Sanguine-Wolf Avatar 1 by TwilightPoetessSanguine-Wolf Lit Tag 1 by TwilightPoetessHuman Eye 2 by TwilightPoetessSunset in a Bottle by TwilightPoetessSunset Frame 1 by TwilightPoetess

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Honored 2 Have Gotten DD Stamp by Mirz123

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Daily Deviation
Anthropomorphism for Beginners by TwilightPoetess is an absolutely charming way to approach an endearing subject.
(Suggested by 3wyl. Awarded by Halatia.)

Daily Deviation
Puddled Gasoline by TwilightPoetess
(Suggested by saevuswinds. Awarded by thorns)

Daily Deviation
Harvest Moon by TwilightPoetess
(Suggested by Kaz-D. Awarded by thorns.)

Daily Deviation
Fragile--FFM Day 7 by TwilightPoetess
(Suggested by xlntwtch. Awarded by Beccalicious. )

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Undiscovered Gems (47)

Thu Sep 18, 2014, 7:39 AM
With the launch of the "Undiscovered" browsing option, there are a TON of awesome artworks I've been finding and admiring, and I just have to share them with you guys.

I WILL be taking suggestions for this series, as well, so if you discover something while browsing the bowels of dA that you think needs to be shared, please send me ( TwilightPoetess ) a note titled Undiscovered Gems.


Undiscovered Gems (47)
today's theme: a little sash, a little say

kPsiKlXofdc by Ivan-Malkovich Bookmarks with cat by WyszywaneFantazje My first dreamcatcher by myweri

fabled lifei.
she talks through her wrinkles,
'i have no desire for food', she says.
i take her plate to the kitchen
noticing how the beetroot shavings bled into the skin of the chicken and brown rice.
it was blood, skin, and bone,
and the rice was a million starlike cells floating between.
this reminds me of my anatomy textbook:
we've been learning what's beneath our skin,
we learned that all cells divide. some cells often don't stop dividing.
other cells divide and stop when they should...
but not my grandmother's.
starlike, they explode, they shatter, they consume
they divide.
i want to be mad at my grandmother's cells,
but what would that do?
i want to talk to my grandmother's cells,
i want to tell them they can be alive
and not kill her.
but first,
i have to catch the moon,
i have to visit hades and bargain with beautiful music,
i have to sell my voice for legs,
i have to sail the ocean blue in search of a good reason why cancer can't just be what it is.
this is not a fabled life
  storiesi begin and end with stories
where hummingbird hearts play sonatas
against my ribs and i drown in
early morning light and
the girl in me sinks into the sea
like rusting anchors chained to
ships and i sway port and starboard
the lion in me rises like lazarus
from the savannah where dust swirls
like storms
and i begin and end with stories
where i swallow the world and all
the rain and girls and lions in it
where i hold it up like atlas,
where i support jupiter with just
an index finger and where i chase
comets and cup them like fireflies
to hang on my bedroom walls
  the things i don't sayhow about 
soft skin over calloused knuckles,
holding onto whatever hands i can find
because i don't want to accept this,
i don't
it's in my brain, i know i'm not 
fucked-up but my friends are gonna
think i am, there are little ballerinas
in tight leotards dancing around my
taste buds, tickling teeth and 
whispering the words i've sucked in 
and kept down and stuck to the 
bottom of my lungs,
i move onto the next guy
and think this time,
maybe this time

Princess Yeti by Furrykami-creatures Baby Groot Plush by MyBeautifulMonsters Le Flotteur by paweladamiec

I just want to go homeI was cracking my skull wide    open, looking
north for an answer and growing
flowers like compass roses
                                 inside of my lungs,
(one night in July when the rain refused to      stop)
and   i couldn’t help but notice how that noise,
water hitting palms, palms turned up in innocence
    (out the upstairs window, reaching like they always are,
     reaching for something to wash away the old paint and
(re)sounded just like a question, an ivory song
  SquanderedThe extravagance of late autumn
In fallen apples, the bitter lees of wine
Strewn leaves, spilled blood
All of a color:
The aching profligacy of too late
Too late.
  Keep your powder dryi.
he looks away, the lines under
and around his mudded eyes as
known to me as my own,
as known to me as the hot air
of the death months, the death December,
the blowfly fester, the light stretched
and bright to breaking;
as known to me
as the eucalyptus leaves
that are slicks of fragrant summer
in every January of every year I have
ever lived –
as known to me as the smell of my
sister’s cigarette,
floating ’cross the ruined cities
of Christmas lunch –
i am six. he puts the air rifle
against my shoulder, and tells me to
pull the trigger tight.
i’ll try, dad,
i’m trying.

White spotted Jellyfish by irrlicht71 CMY Sky Study 1 by NaismithArt Symmetry by darkcalypso

Summer PortraitStraddle the bed corner,
summer resting between
your knobby spine
and thin, cotton tank-top.
Fingers, curled soft
on keys that beg for use
but there are droughts
this summer--
likewise your head
is full of dust.
Crawl the length of the mattress.
Envy the flies,
their twenty-four hour lifespans,
obsessions with fluorescence.
(How can they find such purpose
while you can't?)
You are less a girl,
more a fish in the Mojave;
and close to dead.
  emerald meadows (haiku way)emerald meadows-
autumn trances of summer
dreamt by wistful men
  the good stain.there's Darkness at the edge of the daytime
and she is
lost in the panic forest
swallowed by her own heroin(e)
there's the princess at the edge of the darkness
she rivals royalty on her own four horsemen
and with them,
she brings all but death
there's Darkness at the edge of the princess
and it's too late to save her

SugarSkullGirl by PrettyGore Lemniscate by Eon-Brush Cat by CherryChan94 

the pros and cons of incorrect file formatsbecause sometimes
it's worth misbehaving
and sometimes your gums have to bleed
to taste truth
and sometimes
i'll be damned, i did it again.
launched right into the middle
of a ghastly conversation
in my head and
i am a skimmer. pages, crowds,
faces even.
i pretend that all the relevant information
is readily apparent
or contextually discerned.
but when i met you, dear,
like the library at alexandria ashed
and like they are chuckling warmly
at our memoirs
and weeping briskly at our graves
i have to type everything.
my script's shortcomings aside
my mind requires the fixed-pitch order
of clacking input
or else my notepads dim
as the ink chokes them out.
these thickets
cannot be skimmed; this rampage
of think and rethink and amend
and portend
does not betray its secrets lightly
like the gravity of charybdis
or the way you sway just enough
to sink our ships and your reef
is one that i would lie and cheat and riot to kiss
because sometimes
it's worth misbehaving
and sometimes your gums have
  [his name is zachary]i read about the mother who prepared a bottle for her infant son,
dressed him up,
strapped him to her chest,
& leaped into the ocean.
reports claim he was unconscious (she'd laced his milk with sedatives) & that he did not suffer.
if god is a liquid. if god is an ocean. if god is here
i read about the mother who dressed her son up
to jump into the ocean.
heat of august, merciless & dry. i would have held him, but the world was too wide. if only i could go back. if only the universe would allow this small exception. i would have held him. baby boy. lost.
there is no forgiveness in this place. in the ocean that swallows everything. the cruel god that swallows everything. there is no forgiveness,
but there is no absence of love. little boy, pulled out of the water. loved by a woman hundreds of miles away. loved by strangers who would have followed after him. held him above the waves. if only the universe would allow.
the heat is stifling. the sadness is stif
  CoverupI feel the memoirs buliding up
bouncing around, ping-pong cracks
on the inside of my skull--
Anecdotes and spouted wisdoms
desperately trying to cover
the louder, the better
Whip the hair like a dancer
Dislodge the thoughts like
Raindrops rolling down each
Thin, fragile strand
Whip the head till the face is red


I hope you found something here to fall in love with and admire!  Please show your support by +faving or commenting on these beautiful pieces--and don't forget, I'm taking suggestions for pieces to feature in the future!

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