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Glory Be! 2015 Swap Meet!

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 11, 2015, 1:28 PM

Hey, Glory Be-ers!  TwilightPoetess here! :wave:  There are quite a few things to cover in this journal so please, bare with me!  It will all be worth it in just a moment, I promise!

For those of you who've stuck around a while: Happy Year Three beginnings!  I hope it brings many new writings.  Did you guys experiment with your writing at all the last 365 days?  Did you hit a stride or find a snag?  Talk to us about how the year treated you--we'd love to hear it!

Before anything else, I'd like to announce that :iconthe-haiku-club: has a RENGA TREE going on.  Please meander over to this journal here:

2015 January Renga Tree (Journal): ClosedIt is a Japanese custom to write with a writing brush on the second day of the new year.  Join the Haiku Club as we celebrate this custom with a Renga Tree.  A Renga Tree is an open form of renga in which anyone may post a response to any previously posted response.  The result is a branching "tree" of poems beginning with a single "seed". 
Here is a Renga Tree stamp to include in your journal or deviation comments. =D
     hyakufuku no hajimeru fuigo hajime kana
     starting the New Year's luck
     first stoke
     of the fire

to read more about it!

As those of you who are old hats at this game know, now's about the time we start discussing our SWAP MEET and other such fun shenanigans!  We're going to do this much the same way as we did last year, so many of you will know what's coming, but for those who don't, here's the gist!


This Swap Meet is for both members who participated in 2014 & new members and is a collaborative activity!

How will this work?

First: Prepare Your Swap  Do not include anything you are not okay with another member finishing.

*Go through your 2014 glory be journal OR any general scraps you wrote in 2014 and collect some you wish you knew what to do with, but haven't been able to. 

*Post up a new deviation titled 2015 Glory Be! Swap Meet (so that we can find each participant's entry!) and indicate in your author's comments that it is for Glory Be! I suggest using "For :iconglory-be-project:" or linking this journal so that your normal watchers aren't confused. 

*Submit to our SWAP MEET folder!

Second: Grab a Swap

*Pick ANY and ALL swaps submitted to the group that catch your eye. You do not need to notify the original author that you are working on their swap. 

*Use the selected swap(s) as your daily inspiration for Glory Be! This means you have complete control over where you take the swap. Will you rewrite it? Will you add onto it? Take just a phrase? It's up to you.

Last: Share the Swap!

*Submit any successful swap(s) as a normal submission to the group. Indicate in your author notes which deviants' swaps you have used.

*Feel free to Swap and Swap again (but remember, do not use member's normal Glory Be! submissions!)


The Glory Be! Project HAS returned for 2015.  Our new January 2015 folder is open as normal to submit to if you will be continuing on with us or if you have joined us. All members can (and are encouraged!) to submit twice a week. Submissions are automatically accepted. 

What IS the Glory Be Project? At the end of 2012, FuzzyHoser & vespera were just so gosh-darn-tootin'-excited that they had survived past 2012 (and the world ending, obviously) that they decided to celebrate by writing every day. So excited, in fact, they invited the internets to celebrate with them in some good ol' daily writing. 

Now, obviously, 365 days in a row is a bit much to ask, but you can do... 320 at least, right?  I know I can.  High-five!

What are we talking about?
First off, we are not talking about writing a brilliant poem every day.  I think I've fainted.  That would be terribly exhausting (but if you are able to, I salute you!)  But certainly you can write a haiku (however serious or not serious), write a twitter poem, put down a fragment idea (also, I'd like to point out, fragments ARE PUBLISHABLE.  You can note me if you want to know more about that), a six word story, etc.   

Why do this?
Well, for starters, each of us that's serious about writing, whether it be with the goal of publication or not, should be making a point of writing every day.  I'm not always good at this.  In fact, I often skate through the weekend without sitting down at all to write. Blush  I need you guys to motivate me, too!

The Big Picture Part I
At the end of the year, you and I (and you and you and you) will each have a little mini manuscript of daily thoughts, observations, abstract commentary, jokes, snapshots, etc of a year in your life.  Glory Be! And then we will trade.

There is no obligation to trade with me or the whole group or anybody in particular.  Whichever deviant wants to trade with whichever deviant does this, can.

How the Group Functions
If you sit down to write a Glory Be! entry and it becomes a whole poem - AWESOME - if not, that's okay, too.  You sat down and you wrote.  Mission accomplished.  I will I salute you! you for this, too.  

BUT if you do come up with a poem/fragment/etc once or twice a week that you want to share with the group, please feel free to submit it here!  OPEN SUBMISSIONS up to two a week.  All I ask is that you help motivate others by putting a note in your commentary back to the group!  

I also strongly encourage members to note the group or our 2015 Master Chiefs, Lady-Yume and TwilightPoetess with suggestions for inspiration we can put up for fellow members!

Prompt Journals

If you have one from 2014, grab out your prompt journal and clean it up for this year!  If you don't, now's the time to think about starting one up so you can use it all year. As these are meant to be kept current, we will not be opening a new folder, but please feel free to remove and then resubmit it to the group if you polish yours up for 2014 and want to share it again with the group.

Don't know what I'm talking about? Find out about prompt journals here:   

Glory Be! Prompt Journal (2014)As part of :iconglory-be-project:, I'm going to be keeping this journal posted as a compilation of the prompts you have sent me! 
If you want to join in, just send me a note or comment with a link to a song you like on youtube, an image you are inspired by, a poetry form or another sort of challenge...or a general writing prompt! 
I'll be collecting prompts probably right up to the end of the challenge, as they help me write every day, so any ideas you have--fling them at me! 
Er...just don't cover them in poo, k?


100 Themes from dA-Literature

1. final grocery list
2. wet and furious
3. it can't be you!
4. bodies
5. Rorschach's blot
6. save your flowers
7. nothing is as real
8. transgressions (against the father)
9. it happens at this time, every night
10. the unheard anthem
11. blue
12. symmetry
13. dormant, for now
14. sixteen times
15. afterglow
17. feint of 

 or browse our folder to get an…

We've opened up two new folders. One is for Cheerleader by CookiemagiK Triumph Journals Cheerleader by CookiemagiK.  Unlike a Prompt Journal in which you list everything you want to write, a Triumph Journal is a chance to brag, boast, and share your triumphs in writing from 2014. This folder is ONLY for triumph journals. 
       *What forms did you try for the first time?
       *What forms/styles do you feel you learned a lot about?
       *What will you now be able to say "be there, done that" to? What are you looking forward to trying again?
       *What was the most fun? Most challenging (but boy-howdy worth it!)? 
       *What are your favorite pieces written this year?
       *Receive a Daily Deviation? A Daily Lit Deviation? A Friday Night Feature? Outside publication? Etc.
       *Who did you meet for the first time or become closer to while working on your Glory Be? Write any amazing collaborations?
       *Find someone who influences you? Have someone in the group introduce you to a writer outside of dA that's influenced you?
The Big Picture II
The second folder We've opened up is for our Cheerleader by CookiemagiK 2014 Final Projects Cheerleader by CookiemagiK This folder is ONLY for 2014 Final Project (and as such is subject to a vote to make sure your daily writings don't drop in here.)

*Want to trade but don't know who to trade with? LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW stipulating whether you'd like to do a physical trade (i.e. you mail your notebook off to someone special) or digital and someone'll select you as their trading partner! (or, alternatively, look below for comments and pick someone yourself. :grump: Whatevs.)

**Both new folders are subject to a vote - this does not mean we are actually VOTING on anything. Simply, we don't want normal Glory Be entries to fall into these folders. So submit. We'll approve. Heart

You Did Something Awesome Today!

:heart: You're lovely. You go out of your way to use your manners, to leave thoughtful comments, and to be an inspiring member of the deviantART community (whichever community you cater to). We all know you're wonderful, but in case you've forgotten for a moment, here's a reminder. :heart:


For helping me reach my word count by word-sprinting with me in chat:
:iconmirrasae: :heart: :icondrippingwords: :heart: :iconcaptain-random: :heart: :iconsmadams: :heart: :icondevibrigard:


If you know someone who did something awesome that you think should be recognized here, please shoot me a note with their name, what they did, and a LINK to the awesome if possible!


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