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Special Feature--Haiku Masters

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 16, 2014, 9:41 PM
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A Feature as a Contest Prize for jade-pandora and zippip

Gifts from the Palm of my Hand1 haiku
winter moon wanes-
holiday lights come down
2 haiku
sets the emerald wicks
of my medication aglow
3 haiku
winter morning stillness-
a crow calls
between echos among the pines
4 haiku
sun setting from below,
rain-gorged clouds ablaze-
this short day of winter
5 haiku
early morning-
half dressed by a window
gazing at frost on the cars
6 haiku
reading me his haiku-
steam from our morning tea
fogging his glasses
7 tanka
lying together,
he admires
how small the scar
a kidney once was
8 tanka
showing off my new lingerie
I pause,
he smiles and says
"there's nothing wrong
with my heart"
9 tanka
a cloudless sky
on this blustery day,
inviting the sun's warmth
and a knowing reach,
I open my coat
10 haiku
after a night's rain
more than one moon
  Living the Everyday Haiku1
climbing the first vertical
it comes to—
a snail on my shoe
leaves falling everywhere
I look, how easy it is
to let them go
I marvel at every
rose bush petal
holding fast in the wind
seed packets in a drawer...
dormant dreams of an herbal garden
come spring
sharp-edged clouds
cutting the moon in half
but not the piercing wind
still in bed—
winter scrubbing the remains
of autumn from the trees
7 (seen on local news today)
king tides—
waves scattering cliff side
spectators with sea foam and awe
how cold the night—
no sound of cricket or bird
yet his breath in slumber
late morning
pulling taut the bed sheet,
outline of my tortoiseshell comb
lace curtain patterns
from a kitchen breeze
fill the empty fruit bowl
chopping winter vegetables
for stew...
my thoughts of summer plums
reflection of my rouged lips
on the window sill
through a water glass
jelly-making day—
pomegranate halves, red
on half-read newspaper
freeze-dried s
  Sensual Moon: Love Haiku1
winter crescent moon
across my breasts-
he calls me wisteria
clouds under the moon-
his touch
yielding winter pears
open-air market
selecting ripe persimmons -
warm scent of last night
green shoots forced
from the gardener's manure -
we linger, moon watching
in bathrobes
on a moonlit garden path
too cold out to be tempted
6 our astrological elements
my air to his fire -
a position for
every phase of the moon
tangent moon -
the sounds he makes;
a night creature's song
after, my streaming hair
and moonlight
for his head to rest upon
outstretched limbs,
the low-slung moon
also in repose
moon tides penetrate -
he's still with me
at dawn's first light
  He Found Me Before I Knew1
suddenly rain -
our reflection in the windshield
becomes a deluge
texting each other a renga -
tires hiss
on rain-soaked streets
home from work
he finds me on the bed
in a pile of warm laundry
between desires -
the children we were
in another life
finishing the fence
he smells of wood chips
from my dad's workshop
I connect constellations
of freckles on his shoulders
gray morning -
I open a melon
its green perfume
at the dining table
writing this haiku
the fridge faintly hums

Haiku 50: for the 2014 Second Spring Contestthe spider's web
hangs between a green leaf
and a gold one
  Deep ThoughtsMy stubborn mind
goes diving in philosophy
with out any protection -
hunting for the rare, odd pearl,
I suppose.
It's been doing it for so many years
it's adapted
              (or malformed).
It's stretched its lungs
and slowed its heart
to help it survive
its rather extreme hobby.
I try to be supportive.
But sometimes I stand on the shore,
cursing under my breath,
wondering when my wretched brain
will come up for air.
  Cataclysm: Tales of Bard, Book 4Bard looked around the town contentedly. It was wide spread, surrounded by farms, green hills, and the great mountain off to the north-east. The people were polite and friendly. The merchant's booths were colorful. He loved traveling as much as the next poor fool to call himself an adventurer, but he had to admit—it felt good to be back in civilization again. Nothing was going to jump out from the side and try to kill him. Sell him something, maybe, but not kill him. He and his friends wouldn't have to set up a watch at night. They could have a loaf of fresh baked bread. But best of all—best of all—there were no dungeons. There wasn't a craggy, misery ladened wreck of a castle within a hundred miles of the town.
Bard smiled.
It was then that he heard a soft, cackly voice say, "Well, hello, handsome," and someone gently took his arm.
He looked down at his side. It was a dwarf woman. A very old dwarf woman. Even though there was the conflict of species, he felt deeply f
  Haiku 49the cricket stops to listen
to the chirping cellphone.

cherry blossom haikuunexpected
along the river bank
cherry blossoms
  wind chimesone bird on a wire,
two birds on another -
wind chimes
  Oral sex haikustretch, yawn
crow and swallow
the moon
  June 2011 HaikuthonJune Twelfth
Twelfth Night
another block in the way
and no blocking done
June Eleventh
The cashier:
"What do you call these?"
June Tenth
nothing but mist and rain
and bone dry plants
June Ninth
all over town
time spending
money wasting
June Eighth
sparkling clean
the kitchen floor
black mop
June Seventh
did I take medication
or not?
June Sixth
a moose surprised
"O, my God!"
June Fifth
how satisfying
the little lettuce plants
in a row
June Fourth
along the river bank
cherry blossoms
June Third
sweetly scented air -
June Second
song wings
across the garden -
a robin
June First
light and dark
the woodland path

#MyDayInHaiku 2014-11-25absent gods . . .
drifting through grey haze,
a lost gull
  #MyDayInHaiku 2014-10-09waning moon
I defy its
  #MyDayInHaiku 2014-10-12Lonely roads,
dark and winding—
will Hell's demons
destroy me
before my own do?
  #MyDayInHaiku 2014-11-01autumn mist
enshrouds the tidal marsh
driving by
I slow down to watch
geese turn into dragons

Pens run dry.words come slowly
the ground frozen still   
in transition
seasons will change
you said that all pens
run dry sometimes
  2011 June HaikuthonThe following is my contribution to the-haiku-club's 2011 June Haikuthon.
This is an on-going deviation and will be updated through-out the month
of June 2011. Stay tuned for more Eastern poetry and if you're interested
in participating, check out the-haiku-club!
1. (haiku)
jostling pick-up truck
lovers hold hands    
rough roads, big sky.
2. (haiku)
spring's open road -
bike tires ready
to leave winter behind.
3. (tanka)
momma-bird with a worm
waits on the telephone wire:
across the street chirping
babies with rumbling bellies.     
4. (haiku)
on the motorbike:
wind-tears and a
side-mirror sunset.
5. (haiku)
watering flowers
the goat bleats
the bees hum
6. (haiku)
on the roadside
a dead deer
and budding flowers
7. (senryu)
   Winter's the parking lot
a kid with light-up sneakers
and winter's last snow

Moon MorningI startle awake -
it's just the moon
looking in my window
  Silence - FotoFriday Tankathe trees are hushed outside the window
sunlight slants across the bed
stripped of everything
I'm painting our room
trying to cover up every memory
  2014 Dragon2th Renga- Octoberafternoon sun
slanting onto the couch
cat stretched full-length
10-2-14 RD
particles of cat hair
wafting through the air
...clearly visible
10-2-14 SM2
nose prints all over
window not opened for a week
10-7-14 RD
two steps back...pondering
impressionistic? abstract?
Pavlov's Picasso
10-7-14 SM2
signs of recent scuffle
black tufts of hair
show the battle lines
10-8-14 RD
serene chaos...
visual commentary
nonchalant wagging
10-8-14 SM2
kitten stalking
wagging dog tail
10-9-14 RD
wary hunter and
clever foe...
the odds are now even
10-9-14 SM2
so happy we're playing
tail faster and faster
10-10-14 RD
visual acuity
10-10-14 SM2
grasshopper leg
plopped down on my keyboard
with a purr
10-13-14 RD
insect foe vanquished
the legions flee before whiskers and paws
once more...crisis averted
10-13-14 SM2
in the driveway
a grasshopper missing a leg-
kitten attack survivor
10-13-14 RD
toothpick, twine and tiny spring
miniscule limb reattached
envy of others
10-13-14 SM2
  2014 Dragon2th Renga-Mayno conflict here...
slumbering cats remain so
the floor is so inviting
5-2-14 SM2
too sick to go out-
cats happy sleeping in laps
dog sulks by the door
5-4-14 RD
the tyranny of thumbs...
canines denied
their morning patrol
5-4-14 SM2
cooped up all day
at the park the dog attacks a bush
and breaks off a throwing stick
5-5-14 RD
clever canines
denied tv remote...
5-6-14 SM2
stormy night
soothing music
we wake up with credits rolling
5-7-14 RD
canine plot synopsis
sincere but wildly inaccurate
cats face paw repeatedly  
5-7-14 SM2
early morning glares
as the dog frolicks
with her squeaky toy
5-9-14 RD
finding serenity
catnip incense
smoldering threads tangle
5-9-14 SM2
tiny moth
just a mote in the air
followed closely by cats
5-10-14 RD
just out of reach
taunting continues
round one goes to moth
5-10-14 SM2
snowing again-
flowers frozen
and all the bugs want in
5-11-14 RD
stern lecture given
insects reluctantly pause
before disregarding request
5-11-14 SM2
all these bugs

hissing in the river
a flicked cigarette
  pebblessparkling in the surf
glass shards
worn to pebbles
  burning leavesa slight sigh
of burning leaves
winter approaches
  June Haiku30
bury me please where poppies bloom
attacking convention
stirring up a hornet's nest
some things can't be helped
rhythmic cracking
somewhere unseen
—batting practice
the cat nudges me
as I make lunch
—tuna sandwiches
oscillating fan
the black cat chases
withered plants
the heat takes its toll
summer arrives
with a vengeance
30 degrees
weekend trip
we are met at the door
by frowning cats
3 am text
morning class
at pole's end
bean plants reach
at deer park
the smell of manure
sweet memories
deer wander
under Buddha's smile
ancient capital
high above
the oldest wooden structure
two butterflies spar
plants destroyed
the cause discovered
—cat vomit
watching me
from the roadside fence
young crow
among the graves
white butterfly
from the muck
looking at only leaves
she sees beans and squash
—farm girl
obviously the neighbor
has been out with her dogs

SkyEmpty cage
Tapping on the windowsill...
Distant flutter.
  FireBlank page
Consumed by fire—
Burning karma.
  Why me?On the eve of judgment,
The moon is bright.
  HousesMy favourite haikai
Are bricks made of mud—
Perfect for housebuilding.

Withered   bent by the wind
purple from burning cold
   withered rose
  Impromptu Astronomy   a pierced receipt
casts a shadow on my shirt
   eclipse watching
  One Last Star   no moon to be found
in the predawn twilight,
   but one last star —
somewhere in the distance
a robin's lilting call
  2011 February Poetry Journal28
   birdsong warms
freezing rain
   a prayer for spring
a snowflake lands on my lip
   winter's goodbye kiss
   in mariokart
we play the beach levels
   snow outside again
   cozy and warm
beneath the covers
   the alarm persists
   snow clouds wrap
around the full frost moon
   deadened dreams
   the brilliant blue sky
is a brimstone lid
   my beautiful tomb

Inkmy poem
black ink
on her fan
the sun is up-
still the poems
I wrote on her skin
  Small Poems I~~1
white sheets
stashed in
grandpa's closet
Six word story:
author's explanation below.
my dog howls
under the crescent moon-
childhood memories
in a brick
of powdered cheese
she prefers her tea
to my coffee
we sip in silence
a voyeur
watching him
watch her
Texas sun
the last drop of sweat
my poem
black ink
on her fan
suburban dog wash-
the smell of
and wet dog
his work gloves
on the bench
hamster wheel
hamster wheel
hamster wheel
her old quilt-
mama's arms
wrapped round me
my phonetics text-
seeing sounds
I've never heard
over a stiff drink
a friend recounts his days
as a prostitute
  Spring Snow - tankatornado sirens fade-
rainfall drains into a creek
as storms whisk away
the late spring snow
of cottonwood seeds
  Response to Haiku Kittysnowy passes
of her neckline,
my calloused fingers


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