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June 19, 2013
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Welcome to the 19th article focusing on featuring and getting to know the deviants behind the work! This series will be posted every Wednesday. If you have a deviant you'd like to see included, please send TwilightPoetess a note with the subject "Call to Conversation"--make sure to include the deviant's name as well as a reason you think they'd make a good interview subject! Also, feel free to send along a question or two you'd like to have answered by them!

This week's featured deviant is :devmrsarcasticbeast:!

chromeantennae has only been writing for a matter of months now--check out the poem that started it all  Gift: You + Me 
Back in May of 2012
I was going through a really tough time
I was losing some people whom I thought were really good friends of mine
But as time went on I realized I was wrong
Feeling lonely and melancholy I felt as though I had no one to lean on
But come the middle of May and that very fateful day
You and I began to talk
And I think I even felt it back then
That you and I were meant to be good friends
And towards the end of May I’m saying to myself,
“Man, this person’s really cool!”
I often wondered if you thought the same thing too
And don’t laugh when I say this
But I began to believe
This was payback for all of the bad friendships I’ve had to go through
Then June arrives
About a month in, that’s when I expec
but already shows talent and a knack for making a harsh reality go down just a little smoother.  Always kind, chromeantennae is a pleasure to speak and exchange ideas with, and is not afraid to show that gentlemen still exist even today.


So, chromeantennae--what's the story behind your user name?

I've mentioned the back story behind my username a couple of times, but I've never told anyone WHO gave me the idea for the username. It's actually a nickname of mine that my great friend SpriteBlayde gave to me when we first started talking way back when. It's funny, I've gotten a lot of comments and notes from people expecting me to be sarcastic ALL the time, but I usually tone it down when I first speak to people. However, when I really get comfortable with people to joke around and poke fun, I'm as sarcastic as they come. 

Tell us a little about the group you admin for?

The group I'm so proud to be the co-founder of and admin is Dreamers-Welcome. What I try to bring along with the founder (SpriteBlayde) is just a comfortable group where our members can really interact with one another and create a family atmosphere. We also have one central theme for every month where we try to challenge our members' creativity to make something that from that theme. I'm happy to say we have quite a few of our members really embracing these challenges. Simply put, we're a family of dreamers and everyone is welcomed. :)

You're been a deviant for six months now--what are your favorite things about dA?  Least favorite?

My favorite things about deviantART asides from the EXTREME talent everyone here seems to possess is just the people, really. Everyone I've come across here has been truly great and it's just awesome to be able to put out such different things for people to read and for them to be so well-received and accepted. :)

I honestly don't have too many complaints about the site, it's been good to me. And if I did, I really don't like to focus on the negative. (Despite my poetry postings, at times. ROFL!)

How about the literature community?

The literature community is by far my favorite things about deviantART. To be welcomed with open arms and meet so many wonderful people like ithaswhatitisnt, imaginative-lioness Medoriko, hypermagical, CupofCharlie and just SO many others, it's been incredible. To talk about poetry and prose, and even collaborate with a few of my peers has really been terrific. To work with so many like-minded people has been an incredible experience. 'Specially since people in my family don't really dabble with the art of literature, but rather "traditional" art. Even things like this I love about that community; I take all of this in 'cause I've always admired a lot of the writers on articles like these. So to finally be a part of it, really makes me happy guy.

If you had to choose just ONE book to read for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?

If I had to choose just one book it'd be Grimm's Complete Fairy Tales. It's just a classic and with so many different tales in the book, it's like having multiple books in one! I don't read it as often as I used to, but every once in a while I'll crack it open and just lose myself in reading it. Another lil' tidbit is that my favorite story in the book is "The Hedgehog and The Hare." Most definitely.

Do you have a favorite literary genre? (i.e. Romance/Sci Fi/Mystery...) 

I do have a favorite literary genre and it's romance. I bet that surprises some of the people that I talk to, but I really do enjoy a nice piece of romantic art. I love romantic poetry, prose and fanfiction. Lol, I tend to read romantic things more often than any other genre. Angst and "dark" writings are probably a close second. 

Random Musings Of A Sarcastic Mind.....(Part 1)More Nonsense
“These are musings from my mind full of eclectic thoughts that run wild. I have storylines, plots and endings that could make a kid cry and smile, but I can never create a cohesive epic that’ll keep a person satisfied. Similar to how my musings (And my mind) always travel from one thought to the next instead of staying on course and on track. I don’t know why I’m rambling (Oh wait, I actually do), but I just don’t wanna say why I am. I guess I have this in italics to paint a picture that I’m a character for all to relate to, love, like, or hate. I know a couple people that feel that second option. A lot of people that relate to the third, a couple that feel the last and a good amount that feel the first.
I write these little things down as I’m walking on a treadmill ‘cause I’m a good multi-tasker. Yet I’m not so good at focusing on two things at once, makes sense right? I know it doesn
  Random Musings Of A Sarcastic Mind.....(Part 2)Episodes….?
“So, I’m back again. I don’t know why I’ve been inspired to write about nothing, but I am. But…….is inspiration from nothing actually inspiration or simply wanting to write something? I often wonder what qualifies as inspiration, and can “nothing” be inspiration. I guess if that were the case there would be no such thing as writer’s block. So in that regard nothing IS something. But…whatever. Why ramble on about nothing, when I can ramble about something?
Hehe, the only reason I don’t post this BS to journal entries is ‘cause that would probably get old, and no one would know what to say. Not like anyone knows what to say when I post stuff like this as a deviation, but nevertheless, I post it as such. I think the contrarian in me wants to push the boundaries of the meaning of “art,” somehow. ‘Cause if the mind is considered a work of art
  Random Musings Of A Sarcastic Mind.....(Part 3)The People In Our World….
“Random musings installment 3; and the thing I want to just…..’talk’ about, if you will, is the people in ‘our world.’ And what I mean by that is the people in our space, not in the general term ‘world,’ but the term that is only specific to one human being interacting with others that eventually create a channel of relationships. For example: You’re best friends with someone else. Whatever, and you’re hangin’ out, chillin’ and all that fun stuff. Should we be obligated to talk to and exchange thoughts and ideas with your best friend’s friends? I often wonder that.
To further this question and example of sorts, let’s say you’re still best friends with let’s say…….John. Yet you also become friends with John’s friend, Jack. What happens when things get rocky with your best friend? And let’s say for all

Which do you prefer: poetry or prose? Why?

Oh man........hmmm..........can I say both? Ha! I don't know honestly, I love both, really. But if you put a gun to my head I'd have to say poetry 'cause that's what I best relate to as a writer who focuses mainly on poetry. Both poetry and prose are important to my process of creating things because I always say, "Nothing in this world is original," so I tend to be inspired by poetry and prose and put my own personal spin on things to constantly challenge myself. 

Probably playing basketball. Lol, I love all sports but basketball is the one sport I've always wanted to be REALLY good at. A lot of people have told me I'm a natural athlete so I'm already pretty good with soccer and baseball (Played both sports for over 10-11 years), but basketball is that one game where I couldn't really catch on skill wise. I can shoot, but I wanna be able to do dribble moves and everything. LOL!

If you could talk to someone just starting out dA, what would you say?

For someone just starting out I'd say welcome to the greatest art site on the internet, first of all. Ha! But in all seriousness I'd say just be yourself. As cliche as that sounds I believe that's the best way to connect with other people (On dA AND in the "real" world); to be yourself. That's what I've done and I think I'm doing alright. :aww:

What's your favorite food? What do you like about it?

LOL! My favorite food would definitely have to be bacon. Why? 'Cause it's the best thing since sliced bread. And combine bacon with sliced bread and some cheese, you have yourself quite the masterpiece. :P

What is your favorite thing to do when you're bored?

My favorite thing to do when I'm bored is play video games, read, surf the internet, listen to music. Y'know, the usual stuff. I'm a pretty simply guy so I really don't need much as far as entertainment is concerned.

What's the best piece of advice you've been given (either on dA or off)?

The best piece of advice I've ever received.......oh man. I've been told so many gems, but the first thing that came to mind is my father's advice to me when he told me to always, "Stay in control of my emotions." As lame as that may sound, staying in control has always been crucial to me. And it's a wonderful thing he's taught me because now with my poetry, I have another way to control emotions of mine. Simply by venting through my writing. 

What are some of your literature goals for the next few years (either dA goals or real life ones)?

Surprisingly enough, I honestly don't have many literature goals 'cept to continue writing on a consistent basis and keep progressing and growing as a writer. I think the only goal I really have is to get a Daily Deviation on one of my pieces. If that were to happen I wouldn't ask for much else from this site 'cept keep meeting awesome people. And outside of deviantART I haven't actively pursued publishing my poetry writings, but that may be in the cards for my future. Depends on where life takes me, I suppose.

The Destiny Phase: (Page 1) Prologue                                                                           October 19th, 3324 7:39 PM
 There were only a few minutes left before Kalero sets foot on the ship that will take him away from everything he's known for his entire life. "So I guess this is it, huh?" He turns around to see his younger sister, Kit Zinala looking at him curiously. "What?" She walks down to the left edge of the dock, sits next to her brother and looks on quietly.  They sit in silence for about 5 minutes just enjoying these final moments before he finally has to leave. Kalero finally decides to speak up and says, "I'm really gonna miss this place, y'know?" She brushes her long, brown bangs out of her face, and responds somberly, "Yeah, I know you will." He shakes his head and sighs. "I know you're leaving, but you're not going to war." He gets up suddenly to check his bag for the umpteenth time, "Yeah, I know, but it doesn't make this any easier. This……this has just been my home for 18 y
  The Destiny Phase: (Page 2) My ArrivalOctober 20th, 3324 12:47 AM
 I hate ships. I hate the ocean. They both suck. I hate that I'm 18 already. And I hate that I've puked more in these last 5 hours than I have the last in the last 4 years, combined. Ugh. This sucks. Apparently I'm quite susceptible to sea sickness and then combine that with the impact of this move to Skua Island; nausea is just hitting me so hard right now. Geez. I hope I can---"ALRIGHT EVERYBODY, MOVE IN AN ORDERLY FASHION!!!!!" The loud shouting takes me abruptly out of my thoughts and I look up to see my friend, Ray Aves, standing to the right of the line most of us passengers are in, shouting out orders to move in an organized manner. The line is movin' fairly quickly so I don't have to worry about being on this painfully cold, dank, and windy ship anymore.
 And as I'm walking forward, Ray just smirks at me and the fact that I puked on the ship 3 times in a 5-hour span. Ugh. Screw you, Ray. Then as I'm on my way down I hear him say, "You feelin
  The Destiny Phase: (Page 3) My Day with DexterOctober 20th, 3324 9:37 AM
 "Kalero, wake up. It's almost 10 AM." I can't quite identify the voice, but I hear the same phrase again, but this time a bit louder. "Kalero, wake up! It's almost 10 AM!" It sounds like Ray's voice, but I'm hoping he leaves, so I roll over to ignore him. "No way, man! Get up!" UGH. "Ugh…..5 more minutes, man. C'mon," I say lazily. "C'mon 'Lero, it's time to get up. Everyone's waiting for you downstairs so you can introduce yourself, properly." I sigh and say, "Fine……I'll be down in 5 minutes." There's a small silence then I hear the door close. I sigh again, and then take the cover off from on top of my head only to have my eyes pierced by the sunlight coming through the window. I cover my eyes quickly and sigh for the 3rd time that morning. "Mother of Chaos…." I rub my eyes, and then step off of the bed looking for my socks and boots. "I can shower later……" I find my quickly find my boots and socks, put those on; then put my bracelet on m

Pick three pieces of work from other deviants and link us to them with at least one reason why you like each?

Aw man, just three? Lol, I'll try!

The first piece: is by one of my favorite people and writers, SpriteBlayde. The reason why this is one of my absolute favorite pieces is the timing of the piece as well as the story behind it. I was going through a little bit of a rough time that night and the fact she wrote that for me really lifted my spirits. Plus, she's just incredibly talented and I'm glad she took time out of her day to do something like for me.

The second piece: Insecuritiesi could tell you a million tales
of when i stared into the abyss,
and drowned in the thrashing waves
of my own torturous thoughts,
that the dark crevices of my mind
began dragging me under
a sea of endless insecurities
imprinting on my bones.
is by another one of my favorite writers in imaginative-lioness. She's also a great inspiration as a poet and this piece may just be my absolute favorite from her because it's just so raw, real, and personal. Something I personally pride my own writings on; I really love that she put her feelings and heart out there like that. It's simply a beautiful piece and extremely relatable to all, in my opinion.

The third piece: You should date a guy who writesDate a guy who writes. Date a guy whose fingers are stained with ink, whose pockets are filled with pens, and whose eyes smile and dance with curiosity. Date a guy who notices things like the colour of your hair and the way you have your coffee, not because he has to, but just because it’s a habit of his to notice things. Date a guy who can barely get around a computer, but is expert with his word processor. It doesn’t matter; he prefers pen and paper anyway.
Find a guy who writes. You’ll find him just outside a library. He’ll like the idea of being outside, on the verge of a thousand worlds, a few steps away. He’ll love the idea of being outside, on the brink of one world, a few carefully placed letters away.
Or he will be inside a café. He doesn’t care whether it’s boutique or Gloria Jeans, moodily or well lit, though he likes it there especially when it’s raining. He will be the one with a notebook in one hand, pen in the other,
is by the super talented BlakeCurran. I was so intrigued by the title I just HAD to see what it was all about so once I clicked on it, I immediately fell in love with piece 'cause I see myself in a lot of this piece. If we couldn't already tell, I love relatable pieces more than just about anything else and I could REALLY relate to this. It was incredible and one of my favorite prose pieces on the site, most definitely.

I really wish I could share a few more pieces that I feel deserve the attention, but it's all good! Haha!

I sincerely appreciate you having me, TwilightPoetess This was amazing and I'm so thankful for the opportunity to share a little bit more about myself with people. Thank you so much, this was wonderful.


Thank you, chromeantennae, for taking the time to talk with us!  I really appreciate it!

For our readers:  What are some of your lit-related goals?  

Please feel free to comment and discuss, but be respectful!  If you enjoyed this interview, add it to your :+fav:s to spread the word and show support!
A weekly series focused on featuring and getting to know the deviants behind the work!

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